Jalapeño Bean with Shredded Chicken - A few cans of jalapeño pinto beans along with shredded store bought rotisserie beans turn into magic simmered with just a few extra ingredients.


I was on my way home from Canada when I stumbled on this backwoods beans recipe. I call it that because it doesn’t have an official name. I was on the plane, browsing my Backwoodsman magazine and if you know this mag, people write in. Rusty Keller submitted this recipe and it sounded so good I knew I wanted to try it.

If you have never seen the Backwoodsman magazine, you should seek it out. I subscribe to it and have for a few years. It’s not monthly but maybe every three months, I’m not positive. Anyway, it’s old school. Not those glossy pages you see today with ads throughout. It’s thoughtful articles and people writing in with their thoughts, ways of life, methods, DIY, recipes and what have you. The recipe was in the Jan/Feb 2016 issue Vol. 37 in case you’re interested.

Don’t be fooled by the ingredients either. I’m a huge beaner and this makes a pot of beans like you cooked them all day. The bean gravy is divine and has the perfect spice level. It really tastes like you cooked them all day, but you didn’t.

I cooked this over a camp fire but you can just put it on the stove or put it in your slow cooker on low for 4-6 hours.

Oh, and don’t forget the cornbread!



A really big pot or slow cooker
5 cans of Jalapeno Ranch Style Beans, juice and all Ranch Style Beans
1 can of Rotel
2 cups of chicken broth
1 onion chopped
1 rotisserie chicken (or cooked ground beef, brisket, pulled pork or some other type of meat)


Add all ingredients to a pot that can fit it all or your slow cooker.

Add 2 cups of chicken broth. Stir to combine. Bring to a boil and then turn down to simmer for about an hour, uncovered.  It should be done. If you find it too liquidy, keep simmering to your liking.  If you need more liquid, add a splash of chicken broth, water, or beer. 

If you’re tossing this in your slow cooker, just toss it all in, and turn it to low for about 4 hours.


**Note: I used the Jalapeno Ranch Style Beans @ Wal-Mart or any other grocer. If you have kiddies, you may want to use regular, but the spice is not that hot. Also, notice this recipe calls for no salt or pepper. There’s no need; they come out perfect, so hold off if you will, before adding either. When it’s done or close to, taste it and decide.

Oh, and if you love slow cooking, these beans were included on the most wonderful website, Once A Month Meals, in their Winter Slow Cooker Menu Volume 1. There some really great recipes not only on this list, but the whole website. You should check it out.

To see it in action:

Jalapeño beans with shredded rotisserie chicken - healthy, easy weeknight meal!
Jalapeño beans with shredded rotisserie chicken - healthy, easy weeknight meal!
Jalapeño beans with shredded rotisserie chicken - healthy, easy weeknight meal!
Jalapeño Beans with Shredded Chicken

20 thoughts on “Jalapeño Beans with Shredded Chicken”

  1. This is a great basic recipe that you can be creative with. Let’s you use things you have already in freezer or fridge. I used chicken andouille sausage, fresh jalapeños, cumin and oregano because I had that already. Followed the rest of the recipe. Me and my family love spicy so adding the fresh jalapeños was fantastic.

  2. There are all kinds of Ranch Style beans and I’m confused on which to use. There are no beans marked Jalapeno Ranch Style beans. There are pinto beans with Jalapenos, black beans with jalapenos, Red beans with jalapenos and they are all labeled Ranch Style. Would you be willing to let me know exactly which beans to get at Walmart? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Birdie

    1. If you can’t find Jalapintos, you can use any version of of beans with jalapenos, I would think. I haven’t tried any other style because I love pintos and I love the spice level on this one.

  3. I made this today. AHHHMazing! I only did two things differently because spicy is my jam.
    1. I added 1 packet of saizon Goya.
    2. I used hot rotel.

    It is so fire! My bestie and I gobbled it up. For sure going to make cornbread to go with next time!

    1. Great additions! I’m gonna throw the saizon goya in the next time I make it – brilliant!

  4. Obsessed with this soup. It is the perfect spice level, super easy to make, and it makes a ton! I added bacon and made the soup along with your jalapeno goat cheese cornbread (the best! – coming from a northerner). The next day I sliced up an avocado and reheated the soup and a giant piece of cornbread and threw it all together, and the combination is to die for, though the soup is amazing all on its own too. This is the type of meal that allows me to turn the heat down on my house! Now to explore the rest of your site. 🙂 Thank you

    1. Glad to hear it! It’s a favorite at my house too…especially in the winter when it’s cold enough to cook it over a fire. So comforting!

    1. To be honest, I haven’t tried this recipe from scratch, but I’m guessing that you would need to heavily season the beans because the gravy that the jalapintos come in are packed with flavor.

    2. I generally make all my beans from scratch , here’s what I would do…
      1lb beans. .soaked overnight w/ b-soda
      1 onion coarsely chopped
      2 cups low sodium chicken stock
      4 oz can jalapeños
      1 tbsp pinto bean seasoning
      2 bay leaves

    1. Bacon! Why didn’t I think of that?! Glad you liked it – I’m definitely gonna go with bacon next time!

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