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Blisters! The evilness that lurks, just waiting for those three main ingredients to manifest itself.  Heat, friction, and moisture.  I bet you thought you stumbled upon the wrong webpage and were about to read a sci-fi thriller novel.  Sorry to disappoint you folks.

But the struggle is real!

And so it begins my long road to blister prevention.  I typically will get a blister at the 10 mile mark.  Sometimes I hike 20 miles in a day, so those last 10 miles are a real bitch.

I’ve tried everything: mole skin, tape, blister blockers, Glide, Vaseline, foot powder, I could keep going but you get my point.  A few months ago a subscriber to my Youtube channel watched one of my videos and saw that I had yet another failed attempt at preventing blisters while hiking. He suggested that I try a product called Wool-It.  I have two words for you: LIFE. CHANGING.


100% natural New Zealand wool. Grown on the backs of real New Zealand Corriedale sheep and it’s used as a skin cushion to prevent blisters.  Does it work?  Hell yes, it does. It’s lightweight, adhesive free, very compactable and it stuffs down pretty much anywhere in my pack that I want to put it.


Without getting all scientific and technical on you, it takes the pressure off your hot spots, reduces the friction,  and absorbs any moisture from your feet.  So simple yet so brilliant.


You do! If you are being plagued by blisters and haven’t found a fix for it then you owe it to yourself to give Wool-it a try.  Whether you’re a hiker, runner, walker, teacher, Disney World fanatic, or whoever.  Any and everyone who gets blisters. This is the solution to your blister problem.


For me personally, I have one problem area that I know a blister will form after about 10 miles.  I start out my hike by putting the Wool-it in that spot before the shit even starts to get real.  If you don’t know where or when a blister will form,  as soon you feel a hot spot immediately stop and apply the Wool-it to the area.

I like to use fabric tape to keep mine on.  And I wear Injinji socks  so it keeps the Wool-it where it’s supposed to be.  You don’t have to use tape though.  It will stay in place.


Garage Grown Gear is the US retailer for Wool-it.  If you guys want to pick some Wool-it up at a discount then use the promo code “beardedhiker” for 20% off your first order of Wool-it.  I am not sure how long the promo code will last.

I was so impressed with the performance that I emailed the company, told them about my experience, and Lloyd, the US retailer, was kind enough to offer this code to first time buyers.  He said it’s really a product you have to try to believe and he’s so right!

This is not a paid endorsement guys.  I don’t work for or have any affiliation with Wool-it or anyone who sells Wool-it.  I didn’t get it for free either.   I do not get a commission for it.  I was just at my wits end with blisters and this works for me.  I just feel like I owe it to my friends, a piece of information that has changed my hiking life and I hope it will change yours.

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Blister Prevention on the Trail

4 thoughts on “Blister Prevention on the Trail”

  1. Jaxx Bro I was curious, I’m a Rather large man and you know I love to hike. But the blisters absolutely crush me, would this work for a big guy like me?

    1. Absolutely dude! They crush me too and this is the ONLY thing that seems to work for me. Give it a try. The only thing you have to lose is blisters!

    1. Keep a little puff of it in your bag/purse, especially when you travel, and you’ll never have to suffer with blisters!

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