When I make hiking videos for Youtube, I’m constantly asked how I attach my Gatorade bottles to my shoulder straps.  I refer them to a video that I made a couple of years ago. The steps are so simple you are gonna punch yourself in the face and say, “Duh! Why didn’t I think of that!”

It’s not some stroke of brilliance or vision that I had after I slipped and fell from my toilet while hanging a clock. I was really just being cheap and trying to mimic the bottle holders that are on the ULA OHM 2 packs.


– Two pieces of shock cord, cut to about 11 1/2 inches in length
– Gatorade bottle
– 2 cord locks
– knife/scissors or some other cutting device.
(Tip: knots work just as good as cord locks )


1. Put your pack on and figure out exactly where you want the Gatorade bottle to be. Mark the locations. There are two indention rings on a Gatorade bottle an upper and lower. You want the shock cord to sit into these indentions.

2. Take one piece of shock cord and stick one end of it through your daisy chain “upper location”.

3. Place the second piece of shock cord through the daisy chain “lower location”.

4. Slip the cord locks on each piece of shock cord (upper and lower) but don’t knot them off yet. Place the Gatorade bottle on your pack making sure your cord is sitting in the right locations. Seat the cords inside the indention rings. If the cords are not lined up in the indentions, you may need to move them up or down.

5. Now that you are all nice and lined up,  knot the cords off so your cord locks don’t slide off!

Boom!!! Done!!!  Now you have some Gatorade bottle holders for your pack and your friends will think you’re brilliant! Don’t like Gatorade? No worries just pour that nasty crap out and refill them with regular water or flavored whatever!

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Here’s a visual of exactly what I did:

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  1. Thanks! i’ve been meaning to message you about this. I’m really glad you did this tutorial saves me from using that camel back lol

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