DIY Caldera Cone Template for a Toaks 550 - So easy to do with pretty standard tools.I’m guessing you might have stumbled in here from this Youtube video on my DIY Caldera Cone…am I right?

Welcome welcome!

If you haven’t and you have no idea what a Caldera cone is or why you would want to make one and you’re interested, take a minute and check the video out.

As promised, here is the template download for the DIY Caldera Cone! Hope you enjoy getting your DIY on!



1 Hand Seamer – I got mine from Harbor Freight. You can get it from Amazon it’ll be more $$$$
Titanium sold by the half foot you’ll need 2. It’ll be enough to make 2 Caldera cones.
1 paper punch
Heavy duty scissors


First, you will need to download both of the PDF files below. Print them out –  if you have a “fit to page” option box and it’s checked, uncheck it.  Place both of the pages together lining them up. Tape, cut out, then trace it onto your titanium.

Once you have it traced, cut it out with your heavy duty scissors.  Hand crimp the seams as in the video.

Light that baby up!

DIY Caldera Cone Template 1

DIY Caldera Cone Template 2

I made this from titanium and not aluminum for heat reasons. I’m not very science savvy, but I do know that these cones get pretty hot and titanium has a lot higher melting point,  1650°C.  Aluminum’s melting point is 660°C.  So if you decide to make it from aluminum be careful it could melt on ya!

This DIY fits the Modified Toaks 550, the one with the rolled middle.  If you don’t have the modified version and you have the original, watch the video if you haven’t, I got you covered.

If you don’t have a Toaks 550, what are you waiting for? I told you all about it here… Get you one!


DIY Caldera Cone Template for a Toaks 550 - So easy to do with pretty standard tools.

7 thoughts on “DIY Caldera Cone + Template”

  1. Great tutorial. BTW the titanium is sold on the DutchWare site in 1/2 foot sections .. not half yard. 3 sections = 1.5 feet / 18 inches which should be enough for 2 cones. They also sell aluminum flashing which I’m planning to use for prototypes.

    1. Glad you found it useful Brien! I corrected the measurements. Not sure if that’s how they were selling it when I made it, but I have made it current. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for great diy-tutorial! I live in a metric world and .005″ thickness translates to 0,127mm. All we have available is 0,10mm and 0,20mm and I have to order online so I can´t feel the material before hand. Which one would you recommend? Thinner would obviously be 50% lighter but will it hold it´s form and be able to support full pot? Would the thicker be over kill or difficult to work with (punching and cutting), does it even roll up nicely?

    All input is welcome!


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