I was recently approached by Scandinavian Gear and asked to do a review of their hydration pack.  Of course, I accepted on the condition they wouldn’t mind me giving an honest review. Plus, I was in the market for a new hydration pack but hadn’t pulled the trigger yet.

As of today 12-31-2016,  you can pick this pack up on Amazon for $29.95 .  In my opinion,

Scandinavian Gear Hydration Pack
Scandinavian Gear Hydration Pack

a great deal for this little pack.

The pack itself is a 15L pack and the hydration bladder that’s on the inside is capable of holding  2 liters of liquid.  Not too bad considering most hydration packs are between 2 and 3 liters.  It’s a good-looking pack – all black with red zippers and a silver reflected logo and accents. The material looks to be some type of ripstop nylon, though I could never get clarification on this.  The company also claims that it is water resistant. On my testing, I did get a small amount of water that penetrated the interior of the pack, more than likely is was through the zippers.  I would not put anything inside that you wouldn’t want to get wet if you were expecting anything more than a light rain.

There are two compartments on this pack an inner and outer.  The inner compartment contains the water bladder plus a few other pockets/sleeves, which are both netted and nylon.  The outer compartment is smaller and zippered and inside is another even smaller zippered pocket. You could put snacks or your phone in it.

In case you’re wondering, the water bladder is BPA free.  It’s held in place by a piece of heavy duty velcro webbing.  There are two access ports on either side so you can choose whether to have the bite valve hose on your left or right.

The hip belt has two zippered pockets and although unpadded rides comfortably on the hips. The pockets are small not big enough for an iPhone 5 but big enough for some snacks or car keys. The buckle is made of a rigid plastic and does not feel cheap.

The shoulder straps are lightly padded and the sternum strap has a built-in whistle that I would not count on to get someone’s attention. The whistle if very finicky to produce sound and when it does make sound it’s not very loud.

Real Talk:  Would I recommend this hydration pack? Yes, I would. I think that it’s comparable to some of the other more expensive hydration packs out there and for the price and the quality it’s a no brainer for me. Keep in mind that I rarely if ever take a hydration pack with me on my extended hiking trips but I do often use them on my day hikes.  You can see this pack more up close and personal in the video here.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiL6-fPxs-4[/embedyt]

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