Instant Pot BBQ Boneless are The Truth! A true dump and go recipe that yields tender, magical goodness!

Boneless BBQ Beef Ribs – Instant Pot

These Instant Pot bbq boneless ribs will quite possibly change your life. Seriously. They are, as my friend said, “The Truth. They should be put in the Bible.” His words, not mine. The wife and I saw these in Costco and we were talking about what we could do with them. After running through plenty of options, like stabbing it with my large skewer sword or marinating them in a lime/cilantro situation, we settled on using the pressure good and hoped it would turn out good. And it was – crazy good. Crazy AF. “This is the The Truth. They…

Instant Pot Potato Salad - No more waiting on boiling water, checking potatoes, boiling eggs. Just throw it all in the pot for 4 minutes and done!

Instant Pot Potato Salad

Instant Pot potato salad is just about the easiest pressure cooker recipe you will ever find. But what a game changer! You throw the eggs and potatoes all at once, pressure and that’s it! This recipe is more about the method to cook this in your Instant Pot or whatever pressure cooker you have. Check out the notes to see what I add to mine, but man, people are very particular about what they put in their potato salad. So make this your own and add whatever you want to it. You know me, I just gotta give you a…

Instant Pot Southern Green Beans - Delicious southern green beans - tastes like you cooked them on the stove for hours! Bonus points for PIP (pot in pot) rice!

Southern Style Green Beans & PIP Rice – Instant Pot

A long, long time ago my wife and I used to sit around and French cut a bunch of fresh green beans. Then she would cook them down Southern style (what other way is there, really?) with potatoes and she would make a huge pot of rice. It’s always been a favorite of ours, but it’s work dude. Frenching green beans ain’t quick! Cooking those suckers down on the stove ain’t quick! So one day I was bugging her to make some green beans and potatoes and she kept putting me off – too much work blah blah blah. I’m…

Chicken Marbella - Delicious, easy to pack and cook on the trail!

Chicken Marbella – Backpacking Meal

Everyone wants to eat good on the trail or when camping – I know I do! Let me tell ya, chicken marbella is some good eats! Chicken marbella is just solid, man, it’s a solid recipe. It’s not like a freeze dried, store-bought meal, like Mountain House, where you eat it and you still have this hole you want to fill. It’s just satisfying. And it’s totally packable too – let me tell you how it’s done… Oh, and you don’t have to eat this just on trail. Delicious at home or anytime!

Squeaky, delicious halloumi cheese make the perfect filling for fajitas. If you're looking for a quick, easy weeknight dinner or any night dinner, these halloumi fajitas are just what you're looking for! High in protein with a delicious umami flavor, you won't miss the meat. Promise!

Halloumi Fajitas

Halloumi fajitas are one of my favorite go-to veggie meals. And bless me, it is crazy good! And for me to say that, it’s freakin’ good. If you’ve been here before or especially if you watch my videos on YouTube, you know right off I’m not the veggie eater in the house. I mean I do eat veggies and love them, all shapes and colors, but my wife is the veggie eater. I roll with it though because she rarely disappoints when it comes to meatless meals that this is no exception. One day she said, “Hey babe, let’s make…

Jagermeister pulled pork with a Jagermeister braai sauce! Yes please! Big, fat pork butt smoked until that joker falls apart in your hands! That's what butt is all about!

Jagermeister Pulled Pork

Jagermeister pulled pork is a very weird thing to make – not that it’s weird, it’s weird for me. I hate Jagermeister and just the smell makes the wife want to barf. But some how, some way, with a little too much wine if I had to guess, we found ourselves talking about and coming up with this Jagermeister pulled pork. I don’t even know why it happened. Weird I tell ya. Since we both hate Jagermeister, we had to go out and buy some. And we bought a big bottle, so there will be more Jager recipes to come,…

Shoulder tender or teres major is the most tender, flavorful steak that you're probably not eating. Easy and quick to cook, can serve multiple people, and inexpensive!

Shoulder Tender or Teres Major Steak – The Most Tender Steak You’re Probably Not Eating

Shoulder tender or teres major steak – the most tender steak you’re probably not eating …? What kind of title is that? I know I could have done better with that, but it’s the only way I could put it out there in a way that you might want to click on it to see what the heck I’m talking about. Not that I’m a click monster, no. I just want you to know about this cut of meat. It’s to my detriment too, because just like oxtails and beef shanks, when this steak becomes mainstream, the price will skyrocket…

These lamb and beef kebabs come together in no time with simple ingredients but they are PACKED with flavor that you're gonna love!

Lamb & Beef Kebabs

Lamb & beef kebabs are packed with fresh ingredients and packed. with. flavor! I have had kebabs before. I don’t live under a rock. But I’ve actually never made them before. Until now. And I’m totally kicking myself in the ass because really, I’ve been missing out. I hate it when that happens. These lamb and beef kebabs are so easy to put together. Yes, there’s some fresh ingredients you need to chop but not too much. The fresh bits make it though and they really shine in this. It is truly a flavor explosion in the best possible way.…

New Orleans BBQ Shrimp is so delicious, so easy, there is no reason why you shouldn't make it right now!

Authentic New Orleans BBQ Shrimp

New Orleans BBQ shrimp …. it’s not BBQ at all. I’m really not sure why it’s called BBQ. I’ve done some research but I didn’t find anything solid. You know what though? It. Doesn’t. Matter. It’s freaking delicious! It’s shrimp cooked in butter and beer or wine with a handful of other ingredients. I like it better with beer but some people make it with white wine. It’s delicate and super rich. Finger licking good really. You can serve this with grits or French bread. You can pour it over steak, which is my favorite. You can leave the heads…

Simple, delicious chimichurri sauce to pour over everything!

Simple Chimichurri Sauce

Chimichurri sauce so easy and so delicious you’ll want to pour it over everything! This simple chimichurri sauce has been living in my fridge for months now. Not the same sauce that would be grody. I make this about once a week and it is the freaking bomb. I’m serious! There was this one time, on a really bad cruise the wife and I had taken, that we bought the food package thing. So almost every night we ate at the steak place on the ship. That was the first time I had chimichurri sauce. And I dreamed about it…