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So here we are, it’s either St. Patrick’s celebration day or the days after (when the corned beef is marked down so you can stock up). The work week probably had you as busy as one-armed barber with hives. You didn’t even have time to brine your corned beef brisket for the 4 days you planned.

You completely forgot, didn’t you? Well, have no fear The Bearded Hiker is here to help guide you. In two hours you’ll be thanking the Beard Gods for this hunk of meat candy. Not me, the corned beef. Let’s get busy.

The only catch here is you need a pressure cooker. The pressure cooker forces all the flavor in the meat without all the brining it typically takes. It also makes it unbearably tender.

If you watch the accompanying video, I didn’t put this in there, but after the brisket was done and it was in the oven, I poured out some of the liquid in the pressure cooker, added chopped carrots and potatoes to the remainder and pressured them for six minutes, releasing the pressure manually. They came out delicious!

This recipe was inspired by Southern Cast Iron magazine, well the finishing off did. The fig preserves and mustard took it to another level entirely.

If you’re lucky enough to have leftovers try reuben sandwich with homemade Russian dressing!



corned beef
packet that comes with meat
22 ounces Guinness
1 teaspoon pepper
1/2 cup fig preserves
3 tablespoons grainy mustard, I used Creole Mustard


Place brisket in your pressure cooker. You may have to cut it in half to fit. Add salt and pepper and spice packet. Cover with 22 ounces of Guinness. You want the meat to be completely covered. Add water to top it off if you have to.

Set pressure cooker for 85 minutes on high. When done, let the pressure come down naturally.

Meanwhile, mix together your fig preserves and mustard. Preheat oven to 350°.

When the pressure has come down, carefully remove from the pressure cooker and into a baking dish. Be careful now, this thing will be tender!
Spread the fig preserves and mustard all over the top and sides of the beef. Bake for 30 minutes. Slice and enjoy!

If you want to cook some veggies while your brisket is in the oven, remove all but a cup of liquid from the pressure cooker, add your veggies and pressure on high for six minutes. Quick release your veggies. Done.

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