I finally got some time to hang and I thought I would share the route we took in the Sipsey Wilderness. If you’ve never been, please check it out.

October 20-23, 2016. No fires in the Sipsey Wilderness and various other counties across Alabama because of severe drought conditions. We didn’t have a problem finding water.

Thursday – October 20th
We starting off at the Sipsey River trail head. We followed trail 200 until we came to the 209 crossing. Here we crossed the dry river bed. Normally this crossing you have to wade across, but with the drought we are experiencing it was dry. We kept hiking another quarter of a mile or so until we reached our designated meeting point.  We met at a nice little overnight spot above Falls Creek Falls. Here myself and Aboyd met with Grapenut, Ftroop, Roach, and B squared.

Friday – October 21 st.
The following morning we headed out on trail 209 until we reached trail 202, then continued hiking west on 202 until reached the 201. We took 201 northward until the trail turned into 206. We camped near here at the bottom of “Eye of the Needle” and waited for Hangout and Rain to arrive around midnight.

Saturday – October 22nd
The next morning we continued on 206 until we got to the Thompson trail head and took the horse trail, which is 208 eastward until we reached 224 where we hiked south and picked up 204. We stayed on 204 until we picked up trail 209 again, which would led us back to the original trail and the vehicles parked at trail 200.

Sunday – October 23rd.
Broke camp fairly early and hiked what we thought was going to be 4 miles but ended up being about 6 miles.

Good times and good friends. Until next time, Peace!

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