Chicken Marbella - Delicious, easy to pack and cook on the trail!

Chicken Marbella – Backpacking Meal

Everyone wants to eat good on the trail or when camping – I know I do! Let me tell ya, chicken marbella is some good eats! Chicken marbella is just solid, man, it’s a solid recipe. It’s not like a freeze dried, store-bought meal, like Mountain House, where you eat it and you still have this hole you want to fill. It’s just satisfying. And it’s totally packable too – let me tell you how it’s done… Oh, and you don’t have to eat this just on trail. Delicious at home or anytime!

Bean bark stew, one of my favorite backpacking meals. It's heart, totally satisfying, and completely delicious!

Bean Bark Stew – Backpacking Meal

BEAN BARK STEW INGREDIENTS 1/2 cup instant rice 1/4 cup bean bark* 1/4 cup pizza sauce or spaghetti sauce leather* 1/4 cup dehydrated ground beef* 1/4 cup dehydrated mushrooms* 1/4 cup dehydrated mixed vegetables of your choice taco seasoning, 1 pack per pound burger seasoning to taste salt and pepper to taste DIRECTIONS For each of these, the bark, leather, ground beef, and veggies, I like to make a large batch and store for future meals. To make the bean bark: Pureé a large can of vegetarian baked beans. Spread it out on your fruit roll up/plastic tray in your…

Delicious BBQ spaghetti to dehydrate for your next hiking adventure! Or serve it up to the kiddos tonight for dinner!

Alabama Style BBQ Spaghetti – Backpacking Meal or Tonight’s Dinner

I’m getting ready guys. I’m just waiting for the weather to ease up a bit (it was 92 here yesterday and hot as the devil’s balls), so I can head out in the woods for a week. While I’m waiting, I’m getting my food situation together. Nothing against store bought dehydrated meals.  I’m a big fan of Heather’s Choice for her delicious, nutritious meals.  I love PackitGourmet – the chicken and dumplings and gumbo are seriously delicious.  I’ll even throw in a Mountain House meal every now and then.  But it gets old.  And unless it’s Heather’s Choice, after a few…

Savvy Ways to Lighten Your Pack

So what is ultralight backpacking? Ultralight backpacking is a minimalist approach to backpacking.  In a nutshell, you want to carry the lightest, safest, most efficient gear. All this and have your pack under 10 pounds. I’m not going to get into the “Big 3” meaning backpack, sleeping bag+pad, and shelter. I’m going to assume you already know about them.  I want to tell you about some ways to save weight that you might not have thought about before to reduce your pack weight. MUST HAVES Before we jump off into that let’s talk about a couple of “must haves”: 1. A…