I don’t have a recipe today. Not that I’m at a loss, it’s just that my curiosity wins over today. I’m curious how you guys keep track of the recipes that you or your family loves.

I or my wife cook at least two meals a day. We work from home so three meals a day are here and we have to find a way to feed our faces. We cook. A lot.  But every once in a while something happens to us. We’re at a loss, not only what to cook, but what we like to eat.  Weird no?

Keeping track of your recipes

We all should know what we like to eat but somehow when that feeling hits, we feel like new born babes leaving the nest having never cooked before. Like, what is food? How does it work?

Are we the only ones? God I hope not, because that’ll make us real twats. This leads me to ask you guys, How do you keep track of your go-to recipes that your family loves?  or  Do you even bother?  Do you make a meal plan and be done with the silliness?

I always say I have to make a list of what love, like the Plan B list of food when stupidity strikes.  But I never do.  So what do you do?

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6 thoughts on “Recipe Tracking”

  1. Yeah, I began a blog a few years back. After the first posting, I decided to use blog (only) for tracking/categorizing recipes. I tagged each recipe by main ingredient(s) and other usual ways. I tagged the best of the best as OMG! Or, “Al Made it” and “Al Loved It”. Finally started pulling the OMG recipes to a new blog for just favorites. I added recipes to a google calendar set to repeat every month or so. The calendar emails me reminders. It takes a extra step tho’ and half the time I forget about doing the calendar reminder thing. Hey that’s a great idea to video recipes for family.


      1. Glad you liked the calendar idea!
        Also, I want to point out something on google calendar. Besides doing a link to an online recipe, you can add the complete recipe to your reminder.
        In the little box titled “DESCRIPTION” do a copy and paste of your recipe. Even though box is small and after you paste it may not look like the complete recipe is pasted.
        With your cursor key in DESCRIPTION BOX, hit any key and the Description box will expand and you’ll see complete recipe! Amazing!!
        Also, images can be attached.

        1. That really is a brilliant idea. Never in a million years would I have thought of that. I always use that calendar too, but just it just never clicked to put recipes.

  2. That was one of my biggest motivations for starting this blog. Too bad my brain doesn’t have a chip that I can insert into this machine to capture the last 20 years of our favorite foods directly into this blog.

    Keeping a record was the reason I started my youtube channel a few years ago. It was not really for me to keep track but for my son that lived across the country. He was always calling about how to cook this and what was that. So I started videoing it for him. I often go back through my videos and see some food and go “Oh, we loved that dish!” or “Why don’t we ever cook that anymore?”.

    Thanks for coming by Carlee.

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