The Toaks 550 ML modified cook kit.

If you guys know me or watch any of my youtube videos, you know that I’m a big Esbit fan.  However, on occasion I love my fancy feast alcohol stove.  Honestly, I love all my stoves.  You might even say I have an addiction to camping or backpacking stoves but that’s another tale for another time.

Recently, I took a trip to Minnesota to hike the Superior Hiking Trail.  While there, myself and a friend of mine, Grapenut, met with another guy from, alifeoutdoors.  Anyway, the first night he busted out a cooking system similar to mine.  I’m talking about my setup using the Toaks 550ml pot and Esbit stove, but different in they way that the side of the pot had a rolled side.  It burned alcohol and his windscreen was an extra small caldera cone.  I know it’s really completely different.

I love the caldera cone. I currently own the large version.  It’s great for dry baking and it’s a monster at directing the heat exactly where it needs to be.  But an extra small version? Oh! Hell yea! I want one.  So as soon as I returned home I emailed Dan at Zelph stoves and asked about it because I could not find it on his website. He informed me that they were out and would not be available until January.

The wind was taken out of my sails of course, until recently alifeoutdoors wanted to sell his setup. The setup included exactly what he brought on the SHT.  The modified Toaks 550, the Starlyte Stove by Zelph, and the xs Caldera Cone by Trail Designs.

This thing is awesome! The whole setup is solid. It weighs 3.7 ounces so it’s super light. Sure, you can get lighter maybe using tin-foil as a wind screen and a beer or soda can as a pot etc., but this thing is titanium and will more than likely last you until you get ready to switch to another system or the next newest and greatest thing comes out. 

If you want to see a closer look at it check out my youtube video on it below.


Trail Designs

Toaks Kit, not modified

Want to make your own Caldera Cone?  Download the template here and watch the video:

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